Royal Belum

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Belum-Temengor Rainforest Complex is where the wonders of nature come alive. Over 130 million years of age and encompassing 300,000 hectares, this tropical paradise is home to a vast number of species of animals and plants, many of which cannot be found anywhere else in the world. In fact, scientific studies indicate that this pristine forest, which remains one of the largest untouched forest reserves in Peninsular Malaysia, hold enormous potential for the discovery of more biological treasures.

Situated in the state of Perak, at the border of Peninsular Malaysia and Thailand, the stunning landscape of Belum-Temengor Rainforest houses over 3,000 species of flowering plants, including three species of largest flower in the world – the Rafflesia. It is also the natural habitat of 64 species of ferns, 62 species of mosses, and has a lake that is home to 23 species of freshwater fish and 7 species of turtles. The entire forest complex is approximately four times the size of Singapore, which makes it the ideal places for 14 endangered animals to roam and breed.

This area also are nesting places for 274 species of birds including 10 types of Hornbills sharing the same area with 5,000 indigenous people rooting from Negrito and Malay Proto. Belum-Temengor Complex is one the twelve countries in the world keeping 75% species of earth biological treasures where increase daily throughout scientific research and study.